Uncensored Lilac

Uncensored Lilac – A story about revenge and desire, Uncensored Lilac questions the ways in which climate change affects and alters social and environmental relations. The film follows a group of goddesses, who may or may not be aliens, and their assembly of familiars, pets, servants, and technologies. Set in a dreamlike hallucinatory landscape that mutates between ornate embellishments and its original form, the landscape and the assembly have been invaded and altered by a toxic species, making them nurturing but venomous

A group of goddesses and their assembly of familiars, pets, servants, and technologies are lounging. Separated from one another, they share a land but not a common ground. They have been invaded. They are pretty, hot, bothered, and bored. They are ready to destroy each other. They look deep into the camera and recite their deepest wishes, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. Meanwhile, temperatures are rising. They morph and grow and make their rage known. Quick to anger, their tempers rise with the heat.